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Pricelist (Hourly Rates -Fully Inclusive - NO VAT))

Domestic Plumbing and other trades £70 for 1st hour (min charge 1 hr)  £30 per 1/2 hour thereafter -plus materials

Gas Safe Work & Boilers £70 for 1st hour (min charge 1 hr)  £30 per 1/2 hour thereafter -plus materials

Worcester Bosch Boiler Installation Cost

 Removal of existing boiler and fitting of a new Worcester Bosch boiler (7-year manufacturer’s warranty) in the same position.

Fitting a Worcester Bosch standard telescopic flue (max length 570mm) through existing flue hole.

Connection to existing pipework with minor alterations, Connection to existing electrical supply within 2 metres.

Connection of the condensate pipe to a suitable waste pipe or gulley within 3m.

Connection to existing programmer and room thermostat.

Flushing system with clean water and installing corrosion inhibitor.

Fully test and commission boiler and register with Gas Safe.

Labour & sundry materials £695.00 (No VAT) plus boiler & flue (with 7 year warranty upgrade to 10yr & 12yr available)

 Combi Boiler Conversion

 Additionally convert a conventional system to a combination boiler system. This includes the removal of the existing cold-water tank, the heating feed & expansion tank, the hot water cylinder and all redundant pipes and fittings.

 Labour & materials from £450.00 (No VAT)


Gas Supply Upgrade

When converting to a combination boiler, a larger gas supply pipe is usually required.

22mm - £45.00 per metre 28mm - £50.00 per metre (No VAT)


Power Flushing - We base our prices on the amount of radiators in your property and include all chemicals (cleaner and inhibitor) and prices are VAT free. Our prices are all inclusive and you only pay what you see here, no extra.

4 -8 radiators £380 10 radiators £430.00 12 radiators £480.00 14 radiators £530.00 -Larger systems please call

The hourly rates above are usually for most smaller jobs (typically those easily completed within a day). For larger jobs including boiler changes, combi boiler conversions, hot water cylinders including unvented, and complete heating systems,a competitive fixed cost estimate can be given.


What our customers say

"Would not consider using anybody else. First class work, first class service every time.."

"Good advice, good at time keeping as informed at every stage of the job.  Easy and trustworthy presence in the house. Cheerful, through a disruptive process!  High standard of workmanship and attention to detail! "
"They are the only workmen I have left in the home alone. Trustworthy and honest. Doesn't cut corners."

"We are very satisfied with both the kitchen and now the bathroom Mark has fitted for us. He is very good at consulting us throughout all stages of the work."

"Always works the whole day from 8am until 5.30-6pm. At the end of each day he went through the days work. I was happy to leave him in the house while I went out. My kitchen was a very awkward shape, and now it looks like a show room"